Website Membership is Here!

1 Dec

As we continue to enhance the Rivers Edge Development Community website, we are rolling out (free) registered membership of the website.  Some content on the site such as the membership lists and services and vendors offered to the community can now only be viewed by users who log into the website.  Over time, other functions such as paying dues online will require you to log into the site.

If you look at the green menu bar at the top of the page you will notice that there is now a link, “Log in” to allow users to log into the website (FYI this is a “smart” link – it turns into :”Log out” once you have logged in).  But first, you will have to register to become a user.  There are links to Register under “Links” in the right sidebar or in the black footer at the bottom of the page.  The links take you to the registration page.  Before registering please read these guidelines on privacy and choosing a password.

You must re-register even if you were a registered user of the old Rivers Edge Community Bulletin Board.  Although you can use the same username and password as before, you have to go through the registration process.  The new site is on a new technology platform and it was impossible to move registered users from the old site to this one.

Website membership is only open to residents of the Rivers Edge Development, so be sure to provide your full name and address in the registration page.  After you submit your registration it is forwarded to the site admin who checks your name and address against a list to verify you are a resident.  You will then get an membership approval email at which time you can log into the site.

Why is membership only available to residents and why are registration requests verified?  We don’t want to open the site to non-residents who could use the site and information on the site to spam legitimate residents. This is also why we are now locking down some content on the website, such as membership lists, so they can only be viewed by users who have logged in.

As a member you will get important announcements as emails (about 4 to 6 per year) – such as annual dues notices, notices of association meetings and block parties. In addition you can also choose to get community notices and news (lost pets, cedar fair property news, etc) by email by checking the box on the registration page .

Please watch for future enhancements.  Coming soon:

  • Paperless billing for annual dues available to registered website users.
  • A community forum where registered users can post messages, ask questions and provide suggestions for the association.

If you sign up for community news and notices we will inform you when these become available.

Our new Website!

27 Apr

Welcome to the new look and easier to use website.  There are a number of exciting improvements to the website including:

  • A more modern look and feel. The site is now also mobile-aware, so if you access the site from your smartphone or tablet it will show in a format that better fits the device.
  • Easy navigation and the ability to search the site.  No more having to hunt through bulletin-board lists to find an article.
  • Content is published and available in a news magazine style. You see the latest, relevant association news and announcements as they are published. The latest announcements (like this one) will show prominently on the home page.  News of interest to the development shows on the “News” page and the latest association meeting minutes are published to the “Association” page.  Links to articles show in the right column.
  • Interactive maps of the development (take a look at the “About” page).
  • The ability to post comments and feedback (requires site membership – coming soon)

Over the next year we will be adding a number of enhancements including:

  • An improved online payment page (we are still using the old payment page)
  • A gallery page showing photographs around the development and hopefully some historical content (if you have any, or have history on the development you’d like to share, we’d like to hear from you – send an email to
  • Site membership.  Membership of the website will be optional, but it will allow you to subscribe to alerts of association events (like block parties, dates for membership dues, association meetings, etc).

So please visit the site often to find out the latest news and check out the enhancements as they become available.  We hope you will enjoy the new website.