Bainbridge Trustees probe logging at Geauga Lake – Chagrin Valley Times 6/7/2017

12 Jun

Last week a resident, Joyce Hannum, reported that her husband and her had noticed logging on the Cedar Fair property and reported it to the authorities – read the news post.

Chagrin Valley Times (June 7, 2017) is reporting that the Bainbridge trustees are investigating the logging on the Cedar Fair property, which by court order is to remain a natural buffer between homes and the Cedar Fair property.  The loggers should not have been on that property according to Bainbridge Trustee Jeff Markley.  After inspecting the site, Bainbridge Zoning Inspector Karen Enders estimates hundreds of trees were taken out.  Read the full article here.

Ilegal logging on the Cedar Fair property next to Rivers Edge Community

7 Jun

Rivers Edge resident, Joyce Hannum, who lives on Brewster Road alerted us to illegal logging that was taking place last week on the Cedar Fair property that borders our community.  Please also see contact information below to report  any other potentially illegal logging activity.

Joyce and her husband noticed that logging was taking place but it sounded a little off from where they should have been.  There are two properties which buffer our community from the “commercial” part of Geauga Lake properties. One is owned by Cedar Fair and they are not allowed by court order to develop but must leave in “pristine” condition. The other belongs to Bainbridge Township and is in a conservancy status.  The logging was directly behind the residents of Lori Lane and about 6 properties on Brewster Rd.

Her husband contacted the Zoning Inspector for Bainbridge, Karen Endres. She investigated and found that the loggers were in fact logging on the wrong lots in violation of the court order.

Karen Endres contacted the Bainbridge Trustees, Lorri Sass Benza, Kristina O’Brien and Jeff Markley. Ms. Benza and Mr. Markley contacted the police department

Inspector Endres and the police chief and one other officer went to the property and shut down the logging activities pursuant to the existing court order.  Rivers Edge property owners are to be aware and if we hear them continue to cut down trees or any large equipment causing damage to these properties we are requested to call the Bainbridge police department (use non-emergency number 440-543-8252) or contact the village offices and let the zoning inspector know.

Lorri Sass Benza suggests that the concerned members of our community contact Mr. Duff Milkie, VP of Cedarfair at one of the following numbers:  419-680-4283, 419-609-5770 or 419-627-2377 and let him know this is unacceptable and that Cedar Fair should have control of any contractors (loggers) that they hire. In the past they have been good neighbors but their loggers are destroying property that directly affects us and our community.

Incidentally, other neighbors had noticed heavily-laden logging trucks on Brewster Road on the same day.

Thank you Joyce for reporting the logging activity to the authorities and for passing along the contact information.