Password and Privacy Guidelines

2 Dec

When registering for website membership you will be asked to create a password.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • It is safe pratice that you do NOT use the same password as you may use for any important account such as your bank, financial instituition, credit cards or email.
  • You can make your passowrd stronger (more difficult to guess) by making it a combination of lower and upper case characters, numbers, and special characters (&,#,%, etc)
  • Please store your password in a safe place.  It is possible to reset a lost password.

You will also be asked for your name and address on the registration form. These are needed to verify that you are a resident of the development.  You can also optionally provide your phone number.

  • Member profiles (name, address and phone number) can only be viewed by other registred users who are logged in.
  • Additioanlly, you can choose to make your address and phone number private by clicking “Hide from Public” on the registration form.  This will hide the information even from other registered users.


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